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Vitamin D 400 IU

Vitamin D 400 IU is derived from fish liver oil. Since vitamin D is an essential vitamin‚ the human body requires it in order to function and survive. It promotes the absorption of calcium‚ which can help you maintain bone mass. 

The easiest way of getting vitamin D naturally exposure to sunlight. However‚ the problem is that it's entirely possible for someone to not get enough sun exposure due to the climate of the area in which they live; the sun just may not be as prominent in that region as it is in others. A lifestyle or schedule that keeps you indoors can also play a role in inhibiting vitamin D absorption. 

It's for situations like these where Vitamin D 400 IU from Nutri West may be most beneficial to your health. The truth is that vitamin D plays a large part in our lives‚ and risking deficiency could compromise your well-being. 

For instance‚ healthy levels of vitamin D are necessary for our bodies to regulate both calcium and phosphorus levels in our body. This is often why you see calcium and vitamin D in supplements together; because of this‚ Vitamin D 400 IU may be beneficial for bone health by optimizing the absorption of calcium from the foods or nutrients we ingest. Additionally‚ Vitamin D 400 IU may also regulate phosphate levels in the blood stream.

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