We value our patients' experience at East Greenbush Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I was given the tools needed to improve my overall health on a daily basis. Thank you for the printouts for back and neck exercise. Also had a good exchange during my visit describing my specific areas of concern. I felt I was understood and given the support I need.

    Deborah R.

    I was given the “why” pain occurs, not just the “how”. Very satisfactory explanations.

    Joe V.

    All the staff and the doctor were so courteous and kind. I was so nervous taking my first chiropractic steps. I was unexpectedly at ease however, because even though I was awkward and fumbling, I was still seen as a person of value, and finally, when I was able to say what I needed to say, I was heard, and not made to feel incompetent because it took me longer to get there. Thank you. You can’t hear the emotion in that through the written text but I’m sure with how nice y’all are that you

    Deborah K.

    I’ve felt so unhealthy for so long that it has become what I expect. After meeting Dr. Shade and his staff, I actually feel hopeful that there’s even a slight chance that I can feel good inside my own skin.

    Kathy Jean H.

    Staff and doctors were about making a personal connection, and they did. I really need good bedside manner with great medical knowledge and this group of people works together in that way. Kudos!

    Anna Jean T.

    My practitioner was very knowledgeable, attentive, and personable. Her professionalism complemented her genuine sincerity and friendliness beautifully. My initial appointment was more positive than I had already expected, both in my treatment and my patient to chiropractor relationship.

    George V.

    Very professional office and I loved the explanations every step of the way its very helpful to know what the chiropractor is doing as he goes along.

    Star J.

    Very friendly staff and doctors. I love coming to the office, happy place.

    Jamie Y.

    Great staff! Great sincere doctor, with a great personality!

    Robert C.

    What an awesome surprise to walk into such an aesthetically pleasing space, then to deal with such a professional, friendly and charismatic staff only made my experience exceptional! Great job!

    Candi G.

    I am very pleased with my visits. The doctor is amazing.

    Maryann R.

    I like the attention Dr. Kelly gives to overall health maintenance.

    Bobbie R.

    This is a great group of people, from beginning to end! I’m so glad I found them.

    Mary G.

    I was seen for the first time at the practice about a month ago and I have been very pleased with my experience thus far. The office staff – both reception and physicians – have been extremely helpful and incredibly attentive. Although I’m being seen for chiropractic needs, Dr. Kelly takes into consideration the whole picture in regards to health. The office is very up to date on text messaging reminders for appointments and a patient portal system. If you’re looking for a clean, friendl

    Kate R.

    The friendly office staff makes you feel very comfortable. It is always a positive experience to come to the practice. Dr. Amy is very helpful, caring and informative. Everything is explained before a procedure is performed.

    Linda L.

    I have great trust in Dr. Kelly’s expertise and abilities. He has helped me profoundly while educating me about the source of my problem and treatment methods he is using. Dr. Kelly and the staff are very personable and professional; the doctor’s sense of humor is a delight and defeats any anxiety I might have concerning treatment.

    Marshall V.

    I felt very welcome and was seen by Dr. Shade within a day of calling for an appointment. This is a very nice facility and I was given prompt, friendly service. I highly recommend East Greenbush Chiropractic!

    Chad P.

    I thank all of the staff at East Greenbush Chiropractic for your care, concern and the overall wonderful experience in a very painful situation! I am happy to say I am on the road to recovery and have learned a great deal from Dr. Shade pertaining to not only my back, but my overall health and wellness! Keep up the awesome job!

    Kristine J.


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